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Hi I'm Alison Gandy. Raised in Adelaide by avid up-cycling parents, I’ve lived a Waste Less lifestyle since childhood.

There’s no doubt I am a passionate foodie. Combined with a lineage of female cooks on every generation of my maternal side, I was destined to land in a kitchen! At 14 I started selling cakes to factory workers. Soon after I ran my first commercial kitchen before completing my chef’s training. The next 20 years were a blur of hard work & fabulous food. But by the year 2000 I could no longer reconcile the sheer volume of food & plastics being wasted.

During that year I side stepped into catering as Head Chef at Carrick Hill Estate. Set on 50 hectares in the Adelaide foothills, the estate gardens offered up heirloom orchards, herbs, vegetables, olive oil pressings, composting & gardeners. Yessiree, I was finally in foodie heaven!

Feeling inspired in 2004 I launched a food stall at WOMAD festival during mad March. The food was vegetarian, healthy, freshly cooked & plastic free; at the end of each day we gave food away or donated excess to homeless shelters.

After a busy WOMAD in 2007, I headed to Tassie for a short break. The connection to the sustainable way of life & the incredible local seasonal produce was immediate. By mid 2007 I had followed my heart & relocated to a bush block situated in the Huon Valley where I still reside with my partner, 4 Pekin Bantams & Border Collie Zuki.

These days my passion lies in coaching all ages and abilities on how to cook simple fresh meals from scratch whilst reducing all forms of waste.


I feel blessed I can share my extensive knowledge, and hope to inspire you to take the plunge and live a ‘Waste less’ lifestyle such as I’ve had the privilege to explore.

Chef Alison

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